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Zalmout Distribution Company was established in 1948 by Father Mohammad Rawhi Zalmout in Nablus. This establishment was the first step of a long procession in trading of supplying materials and foodstuffs. Thanks to God's help, the Company has laid deep-rooted bases to build a strong company by the efforts of the three sons (Mahmoud, Osama and Jamal) of the Zalmout family who have been able to build during the last few decades a company that has become one of the largest companies in Palestine. The name of the family has been adopted as the Distribution mark of the Company to denote the originality of the company.

         Zalmout Distribution Company is considered as pioneer company in Palestine for importing and distributing foodstuffs, consumables, confictioneries sweets, candies and supermarket requirements. The Company employs 130 employees distributed at six main branches in the largest cities of the West Bank. In this way, the Company covers around 1160 sales point in the geographical area of the Palestinian market from north to south through modern distribution network which comprises the Sales Department of the Company that includes 25 distribution trucks, vans and 18 sales representatives.

        Mother company of Zalmout Distribution Company has been dedicated its main objective to satisfy the needs of the local Palestinian market by supplying various types of foodstuffs such as rice, sugar, sweets, soft drinks, wheat flour, and many others. With cooperation and coordination with its sister companies, Zalmout Distribution Company has always attempted to satisfy the needs of the Palestinian market by providing the market with various types of cosmetics, cleaning materials, and children care instruments. The mother company Zalmout Distribution Company, in cooperation and coordination with sister companies, attempts to supply Palestinian consumers not only with the best quality brands but also with the most suitable prices.



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