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Company Quality Policy




          Zalmout Distribution Company enjoys an excellent reputation in the field of international and local trading, due to its long-standing experience since its establishment in addition to its deep-rooted good relations not only with its customers but also with international and local companies.

        The Company does its best in order to achieve sustainable development through following a well-organized and planned quality policy that aims at:


     Keeping the Company an effective element in the Palestinian national economy and sustaining the confidence and reputation that enjoys in the commercial field.


     Verifying all the required precautions and preventive measures for ensuring modernization of the standards and specifications of quality at the Company through adopting and developing modern technologies in management throughout the participation of all the employees and their commitment to excel in their duties and functions.


     Continuous verification that all the Company employees possess the modern and required instruments for management development through continuous investment in directing and training the human resources on the most up-to-date managerial systems.


     Satisfying the needs of the local Palestinian market by supplying it with the consumption commodities and foodstuff in addition to achieving consumer satisfaction, expectations and their desires to obtain the best commodity at competitive prices.

       The Company has carried out the development process of its work systems to keep up with the requirements of the international management systems to ensure completely the directions of its employees in order to do their jobs as efficiently as possible so that all the processes of the Company will be carried out through feasible methods based on good planning and improvement.  

        The management of the Company, represented by its Board of Directors, CEO, Department Managers, and employees are all committed to this policy for the purpose of sustainable development and progress of the Company.


                                                                               Ahmad Zalmout
                                                                                     Chairman of the Board of Directors



2001, Zalmout Co.
Revised 17.4.2006