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According to the good vision of the Company, and the modern managerial systems that the Company follows in its organizational structure which clarifies its all main departments and all the sub-departments, the Company states the aims, objectives, activities, functions, and responsibilities of each department so as to ensure clear and non-overlapping of the duties of the various departments. This structure will positively be reflected in organization and development of work within the same department besides the development of work processes within the Company in general.

  Purchase Department

       Purchase Department is considered as one of the essential departments of the Company since it holds the responsibilities of supplying the required commodities at the proper time and in proper quantities while attempting to obtain competitive prices that suite the Palestinian market. At the same time, the Purchase Department continues to find new brands that satisfy the needs of the consumers. It attempts to keep an eye on the changes at the international level by following-up and attending the international food exhibitions in order to identify the latest products of the international companies in the field of sweets and other foodstuffs. The Purchase Department adopts specialization in purchases so that each section and sub-department will carry out its functions and duties. In this way, responsibilities and duties will not overlap because each manager will be held responsible for his or her sub-department.

        The Company depends on major source for its purchases by importing from abroad markets. For this purpose, the Company depends on Import section for supplying various commodities that satisfy the needs of various sectors of consumers at suitable quality and prices. This international source of importing is the most vital and important for the Purchase Department.

       Another minor source is purchasing from local market to obtain some kinds that satisfy the needs of the Palestinian market.

                                         It should be noted that the Purchase Department has been able to build up good relations with companies at the international level. In this way, Zalmout Distribution Company has become the accredit agent of scores of companies that produce foodstuffs throughout the world in addition to other companies at both the local and regional levels. The Purchase Department keeps on increasing its food basket that will satisfy the largest possible number of consumers.


  Warehouses Department

         Zalmout Distribution Company adopts the most up-to-date scientific methods related to storing and distribution systems in order to guarantee the utmost safety for storing all the commodities that will satisfy the market needs at the least storing costs. To achieve this objective, computerized programs are used in addition to the use of modern forklifts, internal elevators, and automatic conveying belts at all the stores of the Company. Shelf systems are used for certain items that require special care. There is a private warehouse that is supplied with air-conditioning, and also with cooling reefer.

In order to satisfy and deliver the demands of customers at a record time, the Company has set up stores in the main cities and towns of the Palestinian territories to cover the local market from the north to the south. The area of stores are : In the middle area in Nablus 7000 square meters, in the south area in Hebron 2000 square meters and in north area in Jenin 2700 square meters. These stores are connected by a computer network to ensure replenishment of the various kinds of inventories so that the Purchase Department can supply the shortages according to demands for each kind.


  Sales Department

       The Company adopts the most efficient systems of sales management because it has been able to integrate scientific methods with the practical experience it has accumulated since its establishment. It has arrived at sales methods and distribution network considered to be among the most up-to-date sales systems in the Palestinian market. By this network, the Company is capable of distributing a large number of international and local brands almost everywhere in the Palestinian territories. The Sales Department is run by a crew of sales people who enjoy a long-standing experience and high efficiency in this field. It should be emphasized that the sales personnel are equipped with all the necessary requirements including computerized programs, geographical distribution maps, demographic census tables, the company has made available 25 distribution trucks, cars, and air condition vans.

  The Sales Department adopts four sales policies

Presale Policy : In this policy, sales are carried out through salesmen who carry out field programmed tours following a predetermined travel line that depends on the geographic and demographic distribution of the various territories. The staff record sale orders of commodities that will be delivered within a period of time ranging from 24 - 48 hours by the distribution staff. This method comprises 40 % of the sales size.

Van Sales Policy : These sales are carried out directly by salesmen who carry out field pre- programmed tours in Lorries and vehicles that are loaded with certain kinds of goods to customers directly without previous demands. This policy is very successful in stabilizing and spreading new items in the market. This method comprises 25 % of the sales size.

Station Policy : These sales are carried out through the outlets of the Company and sold directly to customers who day by day buy their needs of food and drinks supplies at the Company's stores. This method comprises 15 % of the sales size.

Tele- sale policy : This method requires sales by telephone communication between the customers and the Company. Goods are loaded at sea ports on containers which are delivered directly to the customers without having to pass through or be discharged at the Company's stores. This method comprises 20 % of the sales size.

  Marketing Department

        The Marketing Department is the link between the Purchase Department and Sales Department. It aims mainly at coordination with the Purchase Department in matters related to new brands the Company intends to introduce to the Palestinian market. Studies are carried out by the Marketing Department to find out to what extent such brands is needed by the Palestinian market. The findings of such studies are reported to the Purchase Department that will determine which brand will satisfy the needs of the market. Then, the Marketing Department carries out another study to find out whether or not the chosen brand will satisfy the needs of the market. If it is found suitable for the market, it will be adopted. If not, it will be modified to achieve more competitive qualities so that it will introduced in such a way that it will satisfy the needs of the consumers and ensure its qualitative superiority.

      On the other hand, the Marketing Department is responsible for following up the Company's items, its turnover, and the activities of salespeople by carrying out field visits to the outlets and submitting reports related to their findings.

                            In addition, it carries out all the necessary promotion strategies that will support the brands in the market including promotion campaigns that target merchants and consumers.


  Development of Human Resources Department

      This department aims at increasing the experience of the Company's personnel by providing them with the latest and most up-to-date developments in the field of his commerce work. Regular training courses are carried out for salespeople and other crews of the Company to make sure that the personnel are working as efficiently as possible.





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